Lindsey Etzelmiller

Miss E

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Lindsey Etzelmiller
Miss E
Belle Ryan Elementary School
Intermediate ACP Teacher


I am originally from Western Nebraska. I spent half my life in Ogallala, NE and half of it in Hastings. NE. I graduated from Hastings High School then I went to college in Tennessee at Lee University. I loved college in the South but decided to move home and start my teaching career in Omaha. My first three teaching years I worked in Elkhorn as a special education inclusion teacher. This is my second year in Omaha Public Schools! I love being apart of the OPS family! It will be quite the adventure this year being in the old Ryan High School building! The school is in great shape and ready to be used again! I just got engaged and am having a blast planning my wedding. My fiance teaches in OPS as well at Central High School.

A few of my favorite things include:

*Reading in the sun

*Going to the Beach

*Drinking coffee & having a lazy day

*Playing volleyball

*Spending time with my family


*Hanging out with friends
*Going to concerts
*Going to church

*Learning of course! :)


In my classroom we will have...

* Classroom Work:
Every day we have Calendar, morning work, classroom jobs, Math and Reading rotations. We will also work on Science and Social Studies related topics. This composes the core of our academic work.

  • * Specials: We have five different specials this year – Music (Ms. Mikkelson), PE (Mr. Riffner), Library (Mrs. Luedtke), Counseling (Mr. Sexton), and Art (Mrs. Krause).
    * Field Trips: We will have four or five field trips this year – Buddies picnic, ACP Field Day, and two-three TBD.
    * Sensory Room: We have a sensory room available for your child as needed.
  • * Music Therapy: Miss Whitney will come to our classroom twice a week for music therapy. During this time your child will work on their IEP goals and academics.
    * Speech: Miss Sarah or Ms. N will come to our class twice a week for group speech activities. During this time the children will work on social and communication skills.

    * Buddies: We have a Buddies program at Belle Ryan where the Primary and Intermediate ACP rooms pair up with friends from Mr. Pietryga and Mrs. Tibke's 6th grade classes. During this time, the children will interact with their buddy and even attend a picnic at the end of the year!

    * Breakfast, lunch & Snack: We will have a snack time each day to practice manners and eating as a group.
  • * Behavior: I use a positive rewards system in my classroom. Students earn stickers and fill up a sheet for making good choices! Then when they fill up their sheet, they get to pick out of our treasure chest and earn a prize.

    * Integrating: When a child is ready, they will integrate with their corresponding grade in the general education population for lunch, recess, specials and academics they excel in.
    * FUN! :) I love to smile, laugh and have fun!


Tentative schedule

8:35-9 - Arrival, Check in & Breakfast
9-10- Guided Reading Groups
10-10:50 - Calendar & Job time
10:50-11:40 - Specials with peers
11:40-12:40 - Centers could include any of the following: writing, fine motor, art, choice time, computer, ipads, math manipulatives, read to self and etc.
12:40-1:10 - Lunch & Recess
1:15-1:45 - Specials
1:50-2:50 - Math
2:50-3:05 - Extra Recess
3:05- 3:45 - Speech, Buddies & Music Therapy
3:45-4:05- Jobs, pack up, dismissal