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Even though school is not in session in the building, learning is still happening.
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  Belle Ryan Elementary School Improvement Plan


Achievement Area

Goal Statement

2019-2020 Goal


Increase the number of students demonstrating proficiency and growth on MAP and NSCAS.


Increase the % of students At or Above the grade level norm. Math: 45.4% to 50.9% ELA: 50%-55% Science: 41.1%- 47% Increase the % of students meeting or exceeding growth goals. Math: 40.2%-46.2% ELA: 39.3%-45.3% Science: 48%-53.2%


Increase the use of effective classroom practices and positive feedback to decrease the amount of time spent out of the classroom

Decrease PAC and Office referrals by 3%


Promote and increase daily student attendance and reduce tardies throughout the school year. 

Increase number of students in the not chronic domain from 42.17% to 44.17%. 


Increase access to physical activity by offering 15 minutes of activity in addition to scheduled PE. 
Increase the use of wellness activities throughout the year to enhance staffs’ and students’ well-being

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