Belle Ryan Elementary


Belle Ryan Elementary
1807 s. 60 street
Omaha, NE 68106
Phone:  531.299.1080

FAX: 531-299-1098



"At Belle Ryan...We do the RIGHT thing!"

Belle Ryan Elementary School is located at 1807 S. 60 Street in Omaha. The diverse population of students is served in kindergarten through sixth grade and in special education classrooms. Belle Ryan School students have many learning opportunities and programs in addition to regular classroom instruction. Counseling and guidance, special education, English as a Second Language (ESL), and a gifted and talented program are typical of the opportunities available to students who may benefit from an expanded curriculum. Adopt-a-School businesses and an active Parent-Teacher Organization provide both material and financial resources to enhance academic activities, promote student achievement through incentives and assist in providing for teacher classroom needs. The academic and social mosaic of our school is best described in its motto: "At Belle Ryan..We do the RIGHT thing!"

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  Belle Ryan Elementary School Improvement Plan


Achievement Area

2016-2017 Achievement

2017-2018 Growth Goal







Attendance (Decrease Excessive Absences)




 Instructional Target:  We will increase student achievement utilizing engagement strategies.

 Strategies:  Learning Target Theory of Action, Academic Conversations, Cooperative Learning Strategies,

 Attention Getting & Non-Verbal Techniques

 Measured By:  Lesson Plan Review, Instructional Coaching, Data Snapshots, Peer Observations,

 Learning Labs, Collaborative Planning, Review of Student Artifacts, Anecdotal Notes