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The updated 2020-21 calendar, which includes changes that were approved at the

Sept. 21 Board of Education meeting, will be emailed directly to all OPS staff and families. It will also be posted on our website and our social media channels.
The calendar will include the Family 3/2 Model attendance schedule based on feedback provided by families through the in-person learning and remote learning survey. Families will receive communication in the coming days related to a student's attendance group or their enrollment in our remote learning program.
Important Dates to Help Families Plan
  • Oct. 1 and 2 - No school for elementary or middle school students.
  • Oct. 15 and 16 - No school for high school students.
  • Nov. 4 - No school for all students.

These days will serve as building-based professional learning days to prepare for in-person learning.

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